Nursing care for your loved ones...

The range of choices when trying to decide on care can be confusing and overwhelming for everyone involved. Adult In-Home Care, Inc. provides an alternative to the traditional solutions of nursing homes or other retirement facilities. Our registered nurses (RNs) and licensed Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) provide medical care, rehabilitation, companionship, and relief for the other caretakers. Our nursing staff also provides service to terminally ill patients, allowing them the opportunity to be cared for in the comfort of their own home.

Loving care and experience of a registered nurse

An experienced registered nurse is available from 4 to 24 hours a day to monitor your health providing consistent observation and treatment. Our professional staff will be in constant communication with your health care provider to maintain consistent care. We will also keep track of medication, ordering and administering, and picking up at the pharmacy. Adult In-Home Care, Inc. can tailor services to make sure you are provided with the quality care you deserve.

Professional adult in-home care services

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Professional adult in-home care, short or long-term
  • Total health care and monitoring
  • Pain monitoring and management
  • Medication administration, ordering and picking up at the pharmacy
  • Assisting with recovering from surgery, illness, etc
  • Care for terminally ill patients (end-of-life)

Our adult in-home care services may also include:

  • Companionship for patients
  • Relief for caregiver
  • Bathing, dressing, nail and hair care
  • Meal preparation and assistance with feeding
  • Transportation and personal errands
    ( i.e. grocery shopping, doctor appointments, etc.)
  • Companionship for patients / Social activities

Nursing and care for the terminally ill

Adult In-Home Care, Inc. offers care for adults who are terminally ill in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. The goal of our experienced nursing staff is to make end-of- life as peaceful as possible.

Adult In-Home Care, Inc. can also assist with coordinating with hospice for even more immediate end-of-life needs, i.e. pain medication, doctor-on-call, social worker, etc. We can help the families with how to prepare and what to do during the final days. You can leave all the care needs to our experienced staff and be with your loved one. During end-of-life care, our main concern will be to provide loving care for the client and their family.


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Our process...

Adult In-Home Care, Inc. provides an initial evaluation for each client to determine their specific needs. The evaluation is conducted by a Registered Nurse to determine the best care plan for you.

Adult In-Home Care offers two levels of care

  • Licensed CNAs
    (Certified Nursing Assistant)
  • Registered Nurses